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Happy Healthy Holidays

You’ve got goals and the holidays aren’t
going to mess with them…

Here’s the deal, you’ve been working HARD all year long to stick to your health and wellness plan. Whatever that looks like for you. You’ve been giving yourself grace when you take the easy route and getting right back on the plan because you know that your health is your life. 


You’ve been ROCKING IT! 👊🏽


Don’t let the holidays snatch away all your progress. 


What is it that we all need when we’re approaching a time that we know will challenge our ability to stay strong and keep traveling the right path? 




Other people who are working toward the same or similar goals, who can help us keep our mindset and our actions heading in the right direction. 


So many times we put so much of our focus on the food and the exercise and forget to ask ourselves why this is important? Why do we make certain decisions? Who do we have to help us through those moments of weakness?


Which is why I’ve created...


The Real Food Mama's - Happy, Healthy Holidays Group!

This is a private Facebook group filled with inspiration, motivation, and actionable tips, tricks and strategies to help you stay on track to reach your health and wellness goals for 2022 and set you up for success in 2023. 


If you’re: 


looking for a group of friends you can go to when you’re tempted to make a move that doesn’t align with your BIG goals … 

➔ wanting to share your meals, but are tired of posting them into the vortex of social media (because we all know not everyone wants to see it…) 

➔ excited about the holidays, stoked about your goals, but want to be sure you have a support system when things get hard…


Then this is the group for you!


For just $37 you’ll get a:


✨Goal Setting Worksheet

✨Healthy Actions Calendar


PLUS 7+ weeks of


✨Peer led accountability

✨Movement Challenges

✨Bi-weekly 10-minute stress management practices


… and so much more! 


It all starts on November 14th! Click the button below to join us today!

Pay Button

... seeing this after November 14th? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed a thing. You can still benefit from your time in this group… we are here for you no matter when you join!

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